Seemant Jain

Campus Chairman

TRANSLAM Group of Institutions established Translam Academy, Mawana with a mission to bring top quality education to the area. Over the years, with a dedicated team of teachers and administrators, we have developed into top class institution.

Each child is like a delicate creeper and the responsibility lies with us to give them proper support and make them know the right way to grow. Here comes the role of a school.
TRANSLAM has vouched to give the right direction and support to each of its students.
We believe that learning is a continuous process, and at TRANSLAM we are endeavouring to provide a platform where our students, teachers and staff are striving towards the goal of excellence. TRANSLAM is a dynamic system which is ready to absorb new methods and technology and techniques for the benefit of its students. We believe in providing wholesome education, we adhere not only to textbooks but also try and create an environment where our students push themselves towards their growing as a wholesome person. . My wish is that TRANSLAM continues this policy and provides top quality education for all.